The Committee can accept a maximum contribution of $4,000.00 from an individual donor during the two-year period of 2013 through 2014.

Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated! Please contribute so we can get our message out and win the campaign.

How do you wish to contribute?  Please select one:

* Downloadable graphics are at the bottom of the page.  Just below are some small preview images:









Downloadable items:

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2014 Leaf Yard Sign Wright-Daniels.pdf 297 KB 07/12/2014   
2014 Wright-Daniels Button.pdf 298 KB 07/12/2014   
2014 Wright-Daniels no leaf yard sign.pdf 293 KB 07/12/2014   
2014_Chris_Wright.jpg 535 KB 07/12/2014   
Bumpersticker Wright-Daniels .pdf 293 KB 07/12/2014   
Flier_front_side_x3.c.pdf 57.3 MB 08/31/2010   
In-Kind Contribution Form.pdf 10.7 KB 08/31/2010   
Wright Only Signs w-leaf & wo-leaf.pdf 336 KB 07/12/2014