2014_04_03 Wright to StarTribune-Racial Parity or Repeal Prohibition


In 2000, The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) said people of all races use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates.  Yet, in 2000, Human Rights Watch (HRW), published “Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs.” HRW noted 424 per 100,000 black males and 11 per 100,000 white males were in state prison on drug offenses in Minnesota.  That’s a shocking ratio of 39:1 putting Minnesota in third place for the greatest race disparity for drug imprisonment.  Illinois was first with 57:1 and Wisconsin was second with 54:1.

Obviously, if the races break drug laws at the same rate, yet people of color are targeted disproportionately, then the law discriminates.

In 1982, the “Great Communicator,” President Ronald Reagan, officially announced the War on Drugs .  Indeed, Reagan’s use of color-blind rhetoric on crime, welfare queens, taxes, and state’s rights exploited racial resentment for political gain.  Today, the Reagan Race War on Drugs makes him the “Great Excommunicator.”

So how can we remove or equalize these racial disparities?  There’s only two ways: Racial Parity or Repeal Prohibition.  Since no one wants to legalize crack, then we need to start busting whites at a ratio of 39:1 to achieve Racial Parity.

Let’s target Special Weapons Attack Teams for no-knock service of drug warrants in white suburbs.  Let’s employ stop-and-frisk tactics; sweeps of white school students; anonymous informant search warrants; wiretapping; unidentified paid informants; pretext stops and consent searches with drug sniffing dogs; helicopter surveillance of homes without a warrant; and forfeiture of cash, homes, and other property based on unproven allegations of illegal drug activity.

We’ll know we’re race-neutral when groups of white males in Minnetonka automatically assume the position to be frisked when cops stop to question them and when white kids are shot by cops who think a Three Musketeers bar is a gun.  And when white males are denied jobs, housing, education, public benefits, licenses, can’t vote or serve on a jury, and can’t provide for their children or families, only then will we know that we’ve won the Reagan Race War on Drugs.  If we’re truly colorblind then we shouldn’t be disturbed if whites become second class pariahs of the New Jim Crow.   

Racial Parity will be a bonanza for law enforcement empires profiting from hiring cops, prison guards, probation officers, prosecutors, judges, building prisons, and keeping all the civil forfeiture money and property from rich neighborhoods instead of poor minority neighborhoods.

Are Democratic and Republican Party demagogues going to be soft on white drug crime or are they going to get-tough-on-drugs-- do their homework, and eat their WHITIES for breakfast?

By the time Racial Parity in the Drug War is achieved, whites should be howling to legalize crack and Repeal Prohibition.  Justice isn’t blackmail my fellow white males.