Wright For Governor || Daniels For Lt. Governor 2014

Hemp For Victory!

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Gubernatorial Appointment Powers

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As governor Chris Wright will use his constitutional authority to appoint judges who are not former prosecutors.  Ninety-five percent of all judges are former prosecutors.  Chris Wright will see that public defenders and especially criminal defense attorneys are appointed to the bench.  Chris Wright will appoint judges who will hold themselves and lawmakers accountable to law observance, even if that takes away their police powers.  Nothing undermines the rule of law more than decisions based on casuistry and interpretive gymnastics, not to mention arbitrary and capricious decisions that have denied rights under state and federal constitutions. 

As governor, Chris Wright intends to form an advisory committee to assist his decisions on candidates for appointments to the 24 cabinet-level positions, judgeships and state boards.

It will be the duty of the advisory committee to select men and women of reason, integrity and professionalism.  Chris Wright wants individuals who will serve the public interests and taxpayer’s interests with frugality, effectiveness, dignity, respect and honor.

From these worthy candidates he will choose a cross-section that reflects Minnesota’s diversity.