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Hemp For Victory!

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Hemp For Victory

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Hemp for Victory!

The guiding principle of the Grassroots Party has been the legalization of cannabis hemp for all its purposes; abolish routine pre-employment drug testing; free all POW’s (Prisoners Of Weed); exonerate all POW's in prison or on probation by expunging all judicial, police and private computer records; and upholding the fundamental Right to Cultivate in Article 13, Section 7, of the Minnesota Constitution, giving us the basic right to feed, clothe, shelter and medicate with cannabis and other products of the farm or garden.

Hemp cultivation can raise state revenues to balance the budget.  Hemp can create jobs in farming, manufacturing, engineering, and could be a key biomass energy source for making Minnesota energy independent.

With hemp we can make all our paper, fiber board, and construction lumber; thus saving our state forest lands.  Hemp can produce food, medicine, clothing, and thousands of products.

The word “canvas” is related in the language to the Latin “cannabis” and for centuries was used for sailing cloth, ropes and riggings.  Hemp powered all the sailing vessels the world over before the industrial revolution.  Hempen canvas covered every Conestoga wagon that made settlement of Minnesota and the nation possible.

Yet, the most useful plant ever grown by humanity is “illegal.”

Cannabis hemp was demonized as the Mexican intoxicant marijuana out of hatred for racial ethnic minorities and made illegal to suppress them.

In 1985, Jack Herer wrote the best selling book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the most authoritative book on cannabis hemp ever written.

The Grassroots Party placed Jack Herer on the ballot in Minnesota for President of the United States in 1988 and 1992.

In 1989, Jack Herer, together with Chris Wright, went to the National Archives in Washington, D.C. to locate the original copy of the obscure propaganda film, “Hemp for Victory.”  This 1942 film showed the nations farmers how they could win World War II by growing hemp to make rope for the Navy.  With the help of Hemp John Birrenbach, we obtained and duplicated this historical film gem for distribution around the world.

The film borrowed action scenes from the silent movie, "Old Ironsides" 1926, culminating in a call to arms:
”Just as in the days when Old Ironsides sailed the seas victorious, with her hempen shrouds and hempen sails,”  HEMP to feed, clothe, shelter and medicate; HEMP for jobs; HEMP for revenue; HEMP for energy independence to combat climate change; VOTE WRIGHT and VOTE HEMP FOR VICTORY.


"Hemp For Victory"
United States Department of Agriculture, 1942.